Money Making Methods

There are websites which will pay you to complete various offers on products and services, so it can be a bit of a win-win.
Websites that provide completing tasks will either provide set tasks or will have users put up jobs they want completing so you can bid to do that work. The latter is fantastic to make money and you can make a substantial amount of money by doing this.
CPA is an incredible online money maker, there are people that have made $100,000+ from doing it. You essentially get provided offers/surveys and you get paid to get people to complete them. A lot of people do this by creating a website that provides something of interest but in order to get what they are offering they have to complete the survey/offer. You can get paid up to $25 per completion.
This isn't a massive money maker but it can add up quickly if you use various websites. Websites will pay you to download certain apps, it's as simple as that.
This is another money maker which doesn't make a significant amount of money but it adds up and is incredibly easy to do. Usually the games are basic browser based games but there are some services that will pay you to play some AAA games.
This is probably one of the best ways to make money while not even thinking, you don't have to do anything. Websites will usually provide either a program for your laptop/computer or an app for your phone/tablet and it will run in the background and make you money!
These are amazing for making money if you have a blog or have a habit of linking your friends to things online, as you will earn money for every single click you get on the link.
Everyone has to search something online, whether its trying to find a voucher to save some money or trying to find a recipe, we all do it. So why not get paid to use certain search engines to find what you're looking for.
Websites that provide these services are fantastic as it makes your shopping a bit cheaper as you get money back for the purchases you make (including purchases from your local shops).
These are fantastic for building up a good amount of money by simply signing up to trials for products or services. Just make sure you cancel before the end of the trial period!
Websites get provided surveys/studies by companies that want people to fill out for research purposes etc. They are incredibly easy to do and they are definitely the most popular money making method on the internet at the moment.
These are amazing as all you have to do is test some software by using it or test out certain features on a companies website and provide feedback on how it worked.
This is like the 'Testing Websites/Software' method but all you have to do is a visit a website and usually thats it.
It does exactly what it says on the tin, all you have to do is watch videos that are provided by the website.

ProfitFilter Information

ProfitFilter currently makes money solely from referral links on our 'Money Websites' pages, we do this so we can easily verify certain websites are still paying out to their userbase. This also is an added incentive for ourselves to find high quality websites because afterall; if you don't get paid then neither do we.